"Treat what you see, see what you treat." QuiremSpheres®

Why choose QuiremSpheres®?

QuiremSpheres® microspheres have the same mode of action as existing Yttrium-90 based radioembolization products: the microspheres emit beta radiation that kills tumor cells from close range. In addition, QuiremSpheres® can be visualized with SPECT and MR imaging, even in low concentrations. This is unique and cannot be done with currently available Yttrium-90 based microspheres. QuiremSpheres® comes with Q-Suite, a proprietary software tool  to calculate the absorbed dose based on the SPECT and MR images.



What is the indication for use?

QuiremSpheres® is indicated for the treatment of advanced unresectable liver tumors.



QuiremSpheres® product description

QuiremSpheres®  consists of biocompatible poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) microspheres containing holmium-166, which is a high-energy beta-emitting isotope with gamma emission. The microspheres have a mean diameter of 30 micrometer (97% between of 15 to 60 micrometer). Due to the average diameter of 30 micrometer, the microspheres lodge preferentially in the microvasculature surrounding the tumor, maximising tumourcidal effects and minimising the effects on healthy liver parenchyma. The half-life of QuiremSpheres® is 26.8 hours, which means that more than 90% of the radiation is delivered within the first 4 days following the implantation procedure.


Once the microspheres have reached the tumor they will emit their beta radiation and destroy tumor cells, while the low energy gamma radiation passes through and out of the body and can be imaged by gamma-cameras. This unique property makes it possible to determine the distribution of QuiremSpheres® inside the patient with high resolution. In addition, the metal holmium can be visualized with MR imaging.



Isotope Holmium-166 Yt-90
Beta-radiation (Emax) 1.77 MeV (48.7%)
1.86 MeV (50.0%)
2.28 MeV
Gamma-radiation 81 keV (6.7%) -
Visible on MRI Yes No
Half-life 26.8 hours 64.1 hours
Material poly(L-lactic acid) resin (r) or glass (g)
Diameter 15-60 μm 20-60 μm (r)
20-30 μm (g)
Density 1.4 g/cm3 1.6 g/cm3 (r)
3.3 g/cm3 (g)

How are QuiremSpheres® administered?

As outpatient treatment, QuiremSpheres® are injected by a microcatheter in the hepatic artery and are transported by the blood flow to the tumor(s) in the liver. The tip of the microcatheter is put in the optimal position, as determined during the pre-treatment planning phase. The full procedure takes about 60 minutes.


It is strongly recommended to use the QuiremSpheres® administration system for performing the implantation of the QuiremSpheres® microspheres.


QuiremSpheres® and Q-Suite™ are not available for sale in all countries. This information is provided only in respect to markets where QuiremSpheres® and Q-Suite™ are approved or cleared. QuiremSpheres® and Q-Suite™ s not FDA cleared in the US for sale.


"Treat what you see, see what you treat." QuiremSpheres®
"Treat what you see, see what you treat." QuiremSpheres®
"Treat what you see, see what you treat."